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                   Dipped in Tobago Love
Dipped in Tobago Love - Miss Univesre Trinidad & Tobago

From Tobago to The World

Tobago is a breathtakingly beautiful island, steeped in a rich mix of cultural influences. Recently, we produced a fashion editorial for Trinidad and Tobago Miss World Delegate, Ameika Louis, featuring designs that drew inspiration from Tobago's multiculturalism and its stunning natural landscape.

This editorial provided an opportunity for designers to be inspired by Tobago’s culture and create pieces that would celebrate its rich heritage.

From our rich history surrounding cocoa cultivation to traditional folklore stories about the island's infamous silk-cotton trees, this editorial showcased a diverse range of the island's influences portrayed through stunning designs.

Tobago's rich culture provides endless inspiration for storytellers who are looking to create narratives that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Featured Designers
Daniel Clarke
Zhane Daniel
Dayle Angus
Anike Taylor
Oprah Douglas

Creative Team
Photographer: Kasel Campbell
Makeup: Jodi Balfour
Hair: Lisette Brooks
Videographer: Desron Clarke
Stylist: Keylon Whitlock
Production: KEYZ Studios

Oh Baby ! 

"Oh Baby!" is an enchanting journey into the world of Editorial maternity photography, where the miracle of life unfolds with every beat of a mother's heart. These editorials celebrate the joy, anticipation, and transformative power of pregnancy, painting a vivid portrait of the incredible bond between a mother and her unborn child.

Dipped in Tobago Love

“She had a sister and she Loved her so.
She dipped her In Tobago Love.”

Fashion Editorial featuring Trinidad and Tobago Miss Universe 2023 Delegate
Tya-Jane Ramey.

We poured our creative expertise into curating a visually stunning and impactful showcase of fashion and beauty for Trinidad and Tobago Miss Universe 2023 Delegate
Tya-Jane Ramey. Dipped in Tobago Love.

With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted each aspect of the editorial, from selecting exquisite garments to coordinating hair and makeup that perfectly complemented Tya-Jane’s unique personality and style.

Our goal was to capture the essence of elegance, grace, and confidence that embodies the Miss Universe brand all while dipping Tya-Janae in the essence of Island beauty, Tobago Love.

The resulting imagery from the fashion editorial was met with great admiration and was subsequently utilized in the media and visibility campaign for the delegate, further amplifying her message and empowering her platform on a global scale.

Photography: Kasel Campbell,Jahmeil Smith
Makeup: Abigail Oliver
Hair: Kedelia Gordon, Nickesha Charles
Stylist: Keylon Whitlock
Production Team: Jarrell Alder, Kaia Arthur, Nathon Taylor, Kyle Keens Dumas, Alianne King
Creative Direction: KEYZ Studios

Featured Designers
Green: Anike Taylor
Pink: Larissa Dalrymple
Tye Dye: Kyim St Clair
Swimsuit: Black Bow Botique
Jewellry: 11 Vine St.

Fashion Focus Magazine Feature

Buying Scrap Iron, Old Battery, FASHION !

Whether Dark Rustic tones, Vibrant copper hues or Shiny tints imagine metal couture that symbolizes the bringing together of opposites.... We call it the future of fashion where the number one rule is, there are no rules…. Imagine!

Production Team:
Photographer: Melvern Isaac
Makeup: Regine Daniel
Designer: Daniel Clarke (Fluorescent Black)
Hair: Kedelia Gordon
Model: Dominique Leveau
Production Assistant: Ameika Louis
Copy: Jarell Alder
Stylist and Creative Director: Keylon Whitlock

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