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Photography: Philbert Williams (Island Vision Photography)
Stylist and wardrobe: Daniel Clarke (Fluorescent Black)
Location: KEYZ Studios
Known for his smooth and animated persona, Juby, born Jumanne Cox, is making waves in the vibrant soca music landscape. With a Culturally intelligent approach to his craft, this songwriter, performer, and entertainer embarked on his musical journey at a tender age.

Juby's early fascination with entertaining others through improv performances, freestyling, chanting, and storytelling laid the foundation for his dynamic musical style. As a junior performer in school and national competitions, he honed his skills, guided by mentorship from seasoned musicians and artistes, including his father, Denis "Lasana" Cox, influences that all have served as valuable instituions to his development.

Juby’s involvement as a Calypso tent cast member plays a mjaor role in defining the artist he is today.
As a newcomer, Juby found himself surrounded by the rich culture of calypso, where wit, humor, and social commentary converges in a harmonious blend of musical expression. The Calypso tent, a traditional venue for Calypsonians to showcase their talents during the Carnival season, became Juby's classroom and stage.

One of the most significant aspects of Juby's involvement in the Calypso tent was the opportunity to sit under the tutelage of seasoned veterans. These elders, with decades of experience in crafting poignant lyrics and delivering them with precision, imparted invaluable wisdom to the aspiring artist. Juby learned not just the art of composing catchy melodies, but also the art of storytelling through song, a skill deeply ingrained in Calypso tradition

While crediting calypso music as the cornerstone of his contemporary works, Juby explores a myriad of stories in various forms. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional influences with a modern twist sets him apart, creating a unique sonic experience for his audience.

Juby's list of achievements speaks volumes about his talent and dedication to the art:

- International Soca Monarch Semi-finalist

- Stars of Tomorrow Finalist

- TT Next Superstar Winner

- Junior Soca and Calypso Finalist

- Tobago Soca Titans Finalist 2023
As a semi-finalist in the International Soca Monarch competition, Juby has showcased his prowess on a global stage, proving that his unique sound resonates not only locally but also internationally. The Stars of Tomorrow competition and TT Next Superstar experiences further underscore his rising star status.

His win as a Junior Soca and Calypso Finalist, along with being a finalist in the Tobago Soca Titans in 2023, highlights Juby's versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different platforms.

Juby's musical journey reflects not just a pursuit of personal success but a commitment to pushing the boundaries of soca music. His animated performances and commitment to storytelling through his music promise to leave an indelible mark on the Caribbean music landscape, solidifying his place as a key player in the future of soca. As Juby continues to evolve and captivate audiences, his dynamic and spontaneous approach is destined to continue shaping the future of Caribbean music.

Check out his latest single  - Work it

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