Unable to Bloom

My awareness of the discussions surrounding banned books and Banned Books Week was non-existent prior to my arrival at Berghs and in Sweden. With this newfound knowledge, I felt compelled to participate in the conversation.

.....................................Do you hear that? That's the sound of silence. Stories unite us, and when we are deprived of the chance to tell and exchange them, it's a disservice to the human experience. Being able to share and learn from one another is critical to our growth as individuals and as a community.
Working in a group, we decided to highlight a book called "All Boys Aren’t Blue." It has been banned in eight states in the USA due to its content, which includes LGBTQ+ topics and conversations about race. We were inspired by the book's vivid cover, which depicts a male wearing a crown of flowers. This led us to create an art installation called "Unable to Bloom," which portrays the consequences of silencing stories that are meant to be told and heard.

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