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At KEYZ Studios, we are passionate advocates for the elevation and empowerment of our local creative community. We firmly believe that the talent, innovation, and unique perspectives found therein deserve recognition and support.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures and celebrates the creative individuals and organizations that call our community home. We strive to provide a platform for local artists, designers, writers, photographers, and all creative minds to showcase their work, amplify their voices, and connect with a wider audience.

As an agency, we understand the immense value that the local creative community brings to our society and we are dedicated to promoting diversity, fostering collaboration, and creating a supportive environment where creativity can flourish.

Meet our Kreative Director!

Keylon Whitlock is a skilled storyteller and gifted musician, with the rare ability to create narratives that span various fields. His expertise emcompasses the world of fashion and design to the ever changing realm of marketing and brand strategy. As an artist, he continues to passionately explore the essence of beauty, and his magic lies in crafting visual tales that resonate deeply with people.

His journey of creative exploration has enchanted audiences through fashion publications, film, fashion styling, events and marketing campaigns.

Leveraging his knowledge and a steadfast belief in continuous learning, as well as recognizing the great potential of Tobago’s creative sector, Keyz Studios ltd. was founded in September 2018, and is a beacon that cultivates a supportive community, committed to fostering collaboration, sharing resources, and nurturing a vibrant environment for artists to thrive.

Keylon Whitlock

Creative Director
KEYZ Studios Ltd.

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